Mar 162013

When The Matrix debuted back in 1999, the stunning visuals–commonly referred to as ‘bullet time‘ special effects–blew the world away. Their state of the art camera techniques have since been copied, parodied, and spoofed countless times by Hollywood

But for years, only the big studios with even bigger budgets could create such dazzling images. Now that technology is only accelerating at ever greater speeds, small time artists and producers can replicate the effects. 

Just take Marc Donahue, who created stunning ‘bullet time’ visuals with his homemade array of GoPro cameras. The shutter speeds aren’t perfectly synced, but that only results in even more interesting visuals. 

The project was covered more in depth on FStoppers. Now, the week old video stands with over 30,000 views, and is only picking up viral momentum. 


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Mar 162013

NSFW Warning – content

After the initial reports of Google Glass, the parodies naturally started pouring in. They’ve calmed since, but Stunt Bear is bringing the trend back with a St. Patrick’s Day twist. 

The comedy channel published this St. Patrick’s Day Through Google Glass video just a few days ago, and already it stands with over half a million views

The hilarious video–which portrays what an Irish lad wearing Google Glass on St. Paddy’s day might experience–is featured on TheNextWeb, Gizmodo, WhatsTrending, and HuffPost.


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Mar 162013

Jase Hunter posted this video back in 2011, but it has only exploded online recently. Just over the past two days, it has accumulated over 200,000 views.

Jase’s roommate Mark has a dirty diaper phobia. He literally starts dry heaving at just the mention of a poopy diaper. Being a classic roommate, Jase couldn’t pass up on the chance of pranking his buddy. 

For his mischievous plan, he took a nice big bowl of pudding and filled a diaper to the brim. Then, he was off to torture Mark in the livingroom.

For the coup de grace, he purposefully spilled some of the ‘poo’ on Mark, who fell to the floor pleading, “Dude, please! Get this stuff off of me!”

Finally, he smelled the chocolate. 

“That’s not even funny man. That’s not even remotely funny.”


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Mar 162013

Jimmy Fallon‘s relatively new Late Night show continues to grow in popularity, thanks to a near constant stream of hilarious and entertaining viral videos his crew posts online. 

One of the most popular series on the show is History of Rap that Jimmy performs with Justin Timberlake.

Fans had a feeling a History of Rap piece of coming after seeing Jimmy and Justin go viral singing a Barbershop-style cover of SexyBack

Finally, the fourth installment of History of Rap is here, and it it naturally going viral over the weekend. 


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Mar 152013

Fadem12 posted this video way back in 2009, but it has only truly been trending over the past few months. Kal and his roommate Warren were playing ping pong when they noticed one of their volleys had a familiar beat to it from their Nintendo days. 

Kal even asks after the volley, “Did you hear the Mario beat there?” 

YouTuber JBTubeRX seems to agree, and says, “Life’s greatest moment’s are accidental, yes?” 


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