Apr 032013

NSFW Warning – language 

Fitzthistlewits published this sarcastic review of the game of the chess back in December, but it continues to trend now with over 75,000 views

The narrator explains the popular board game in a similar fashion to the popular True Facts series. As in, he lists off a slew of completely incorrect information and passes it on as valuable knowledge. 


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Apr 032013

April Fool’s has been a been a big hit online, but one must be careful not to take the jokes too far, especially in real life.

Cody Weddl of WKPT19 reports one Kingsport woman pranked her sister by telling her she shot her husband, and needed help burying the body

Her sister Helen quickly told the rest of her family, and before the prank holiday ended, the police had surrounded the home, guns drawn. 

“Next thing I knew. There was law everywhere. Their response was excellent.”

“The fool was her,” said one neighbor after seeing her put into a police cruiser with cuffs on.

Now, the viral video stands with over 75,000 views since April sprouted. 


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Apr 032013

Naturally, popular vidoegrapher Devin Supertramp‘s latest video has instantly gone viral. With Scott & Brendo’s Light It Up pumping, the Holi, or the Festival Of Colors 2013, kicked off with over 60,000 people throwing bright, colorful powder chalk into the air. The party was even greater than last year’s event

Just don’t breathe deep. 


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Apr 032013

ESPN has broken this story about Rutgers head basketball coach Mike Rice abusing and berating players. He was recently suspended for three games last winter for his behavior at practices. The school wasn’t specific why.

This new security camera video is why. On the video, Rice is seen physically and verbally abusing the students, shoving them, pulling them by their shirts, and calling them slurs. He may be the next Bobby Knight

For some reason, it seems NCAA coaches get away with behavior that even drill sergeants wouldn’t be able to get away with.

Now, the video has instantly gone viral in the sports world, instantly amassing over 100,000 hits, and is further featured on ESPNCBSSports, and CNN


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Apr 032013

It’s hard to find anyone on the planet who doesn’t know the tune to the first level of the classic Super Mario Bros. Nintendo game. Even in Israel

Last summer, Israeli YouTuber EranAmir–who is online famous for his Black And White In Color piece–traversed the streets of Israel for another creative art project.

He asked 300 passersby to sing one note of music along with his portable piano while he recorded them. He then compiled all the notes to create one harmonious melody on The Human Piano.

Though the video debuted last July, it has only experienced a viral surge in viewership this week, quickly amassing over 100,000 hits, and counting. 


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