Oct 302012

For Halloween thought up their most conniving prank yet. The distracter would walk up to strangers on the street and show them his new voodoo doll that he bought for a dollar.

At just the right moment when he was showing how tapping on the doll was supposed to have some power, his partner in crime would slip around the prank victim and tap their shoulder

To say that they were freaked out a little would be an understatement. 


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Oct 302012

NSFW Warning – Language

Like so many other Americans on the East Coast,  was looking out the window with his camera phone recording the storm in anticipation. He even opens the video with, “This is the apocalypse.”

Terrifyingly, thirty seconds after he says that, the apocalypse seems to actually come. Three enormous trees fall over right in front of their house, and even crushes the neighbor’s car!

The woman in the background screams, “S—! Our tree!”

Then a fire erupts down the street! Yes, the apocalypse indeed. 


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Oct 302012

Hurricane Sandy pummeled the East Coast Monday night, and as a result, the entire city of New York has been shut down. Shows like Late Night With Jimmy Fallon sent their audiences home early before the storm really hit, but Jimmy continued on with his show anyways. 

With no audience. It was kinda awkward. 


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Oct 302012

While two helicopter fliers were enjoying the sky and the magic of flight they noticed a remote control airplane flying to their left. A beautiful P-51 Mustang model airplane. Cool. 

But suddenly, the plane crashed into a tree. One of the chopper fliers asked his buddy, “You know how cool it’d be if we could scoop that thing out the tree for him?”

Amazingly, they ended up actually recovering the r/c plane, and returned it to the very grateful owner. What a story. 

 posted the video in September, but is just exploded in popularity now after being featured on Reddit, NeoGafDailyPicks, and BroBible


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Oct 292012

Popular music producer  is back again with his good friend and equally popular online singer Sam Tsui. For their latest collaboration, they go back to warmer days, and cover all the pop hits from the summer in one ultimate and truly epic ‘Summer 2012 Pop Medley.’

All your favorite popular hits, like What Makes You BeautifulStarshipsWhere Have You Been, and more, make a musical appearance in this new music video that has instantly gone viral.  


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