Jan 252013

Remember the viralviral commercial by TNT, Push For Drama, from last April? That ingenious video advert now stands with over 42 million views

Well, after such fantastic success, an executive would be a fool to not try and recreate the viral magic once more.

So again, a surreal and Dramatic Surprise On An Ice Cold Day unfolds on an otherwise perfectly boring city square in Europe. After all the money dropping, gun shooting, kidnapping, explosions, and streaking comes to an end, a large banner announcing that the entire scene was TNT made is unrolled.


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Jan 252013

Popular Internet personality Ze Frank‘s ridiculous True Facts series has turned out to be a huge viral success, garnering over 15 million video views collectively. 

In his latest episode, he covers the adorable, yet strange Tarsier. As per his usual recipe, he narrates very untrue facts about odd creature in the humorous fashion he is best known for. Yep, this gonna be good. 


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Jan 252013

Back in the 1993, h20eweup2‘s younger brother needed leg casts and became temporarily wheelchair bound. But that didn’t stop him from having fun with his lil’ bro. 

While dad caught the whole thing on camera, he basically created a wagon system to pull his brother’s wheelchair with his bicycle. And it worked surprisingly well. 

“Weee! Weeeee! Cowabunga!” Yep, definitely the 90’s.

Of course all fun things must come to and end, and like most things during childhood, end in a painful Ouch! 

The video is trending after being featured on Reddit.


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Jan 252013

Apparently, the winter in Utah has been pretty dull this year. But according to lane182videos, “Utah winter finally redeemed itself this morning,” after a downfall of freezing rain.

The cameraman caught passersby apparently on college campus literally sliding down a bridge path as if they were skating on an ice rink. One student planted his butt on the ground and even went for a fun ‘sled-less sled ride.’

Naturally, as this takes place in Utah, commenters can’t help but drop gags about Mormons, such as “Why didn’t anyone tell me Mormons on Ice was coming to Broadway?”


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Jan 242013

Even if you aren’t a big fan, nearly every kid from the 90’s remember Animaniacs. A very famous bit from the WB cartoon is Yakko singing the nations of the world, also called Yakko’s World

Super nerd Brizzy Voices is a voice performer who has serious love for the 90’s, focusing on the cartoons and video games from the great decade.

For her latest video, she took on the difficult-to-recite, tongue-twisting song that all Animaniacs fans love, and actually knocked it out of the park. 


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