Oct 182012

It’s difficult for a video longer than five to go viral, as most viewers only have the time–or the attention–for a quick watch. But that didn’t stop engineer ‘s new, near ten minute video from going viral on Reddit

The scientist’s good buddy asked for a ring as he was getting married. Triggeron didn’t want to disappoint, so he made a palladium ring in a very thin titanium ring.

Now, video showing the painstaking process–which competes with the like’s of How It’s Made–has over 100,000 views


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Oct 182012

Most kitten videos portray the same scene over and over. A bunch of baby cats playing. It’s cute, but Internet viewers of 2012 want more. And adorable kitten channel Funny Cats And Nice Fish is ready to deliver. 

In their new video ‘Kittens Learn Physics‘ that already has over 60,000 views, they gave their cute kittens a Newton’s Cradle to play with.

It’s terribly interesting how it seems the kitties  kinda get it. The video just went viral this week, and is now covered on sites like BuzzFeed, io9, TastefullyO, and TheFW


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Oct 182012

Perhaps it’s because nearly every American watched Disney‘s animated classic Dumbo as a kid that we all seem to have a very special place in our hearts for elephants, especially baby ones. 

That’s what makes this latest video from elephant research and conservation project Amboseli Trust for Elephants that has started to trend now so special.

An eight month old calf became stuck in a shallow well with his mom nearby who was becoming visibly ever more frustrated not being to save her baby. 

Luckily, the the Trust got word of the issue and sent two jeeps to check out the situation. After some hard work they were successful. 

There are few things cuter than seeing a baby elephant run full speed after mom. “Moooom! Wait for meee!”


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Oct 182012

Nerds just can’t get enough of intellectually stimulating TED Talks. But often, the ideas of changing the world are just a little too Utopian. 

Not one to miss a chance to parody a fellow media group,  has pounced on Talks with a spoof speech of the ‘possibilities’ of compost-fueled cars. Wouldn’t that just be great?


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Oct 172012

Most people online have no comprehension of the true magic behind their common actions such as performing a simple  search. So after adding their ‘street view’ service for even the oceans, the web search Goliath is now looking inward to be more transparent, and teach people a bit about the web. 

They now have their data centers with the ‘street view’ option, so you can explore the buildings that make the Internet such an amazing place and try to grasp the true vast awesomeness of this amazing search engine we call the Google. 

To announce the service, Google published this video which explains one data center in more intimate detail that has quickly started to trend.  

(Anyone else see the Rick Roll or the Stormtrooper?)


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