Apr 302013

DeathEater365 is trending with this new short video, entitled RAF’S PERFECT GIRLFRIEND.

In the twenty second clip, a camera at the beach pans to the left to expose two pairs of legs facing each other. 

It quickly becomes apparent to viewers that the two are kissing. This idea is further promoted by the fact that the shoes apparently worn by the girl rise to their tippy-toes for the kiss. 

But then, she keeps rising into the air, until illusion is broken!


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Apr 302013

The smart phone wars have been raging for years now in both the marketplace and the courtroom, with Apple’s iPhone and Samsung‘s Galaxy in center ring. 

Online, Apple is famous for their ubiquitous artsy and powerful advertisements, while Samsung is known for poking fun at Apple

But, one brand of phones has seemingly been out of the picture this entire time, until now. 

Windows Phone maybe late to the party, but at least they know how to make a commercial that will trend online.

Using the same formula as Samsung, Microsoft tells a story of a wedding from two very different families, Samsung and Apple. 

Of course, the guests break out in a fight, all while the waiters wonder why no one uses the new Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone.

RedRum425 sums up the entire commercial, saying, “Funny commercial but so true even the fact that only 2 people had a windows phone.”


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Apr 302013

It’s already that time of year again. The air has warmed, the grass has turned back to green, and, after four long year, countless students will finally be graduating over the next couple of months. 

And that means graduation ceremonies. Long, drawn out, boring ceremonies. 

Blimey Cow is not looking forward to the next graduation ceremony he is obligated to go to. Actually, he hates graduation, and explains why in this new video.

Unsurprisingly, more than a few viewers agree with him. 


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Apr 302013

YouTuber SamWilber2 has gone viral since the weekend. In this short and sweet video, Sam shows the camera a quick and crazy optical illusion. How To Make Your Head Disappear.

The ridiculous seven second video has quickly collected over 125,000 views, and has appeared on HuffPost, VideoSift, and TastefullyO


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Apr 302013

Last November, small time sketch comedy group Fat Awesome Films went viral with their hilarious imagination of what it would be like If Your Friends Acted Like Your Pet Dog And Cat. That video was such a success, it stands with over 11 million views

Viewers love the animal-themed skit so much, they’ve been begging for sequel. Finally, Fat Awesome has delivered part 2


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