May 192013

The speed run masters at 1A4 STUDIO are back. After reproducing fan favorites such as Back To The Future in a sixty second speed run animation, the studio has returned to concentrate the sci-fi thriller Aliens into just one minute


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May 192013

Every water park in the world touts how they are the only establishment to have to tallest, biggest, or craziest attraction of them all. But Skara Sommarland in  Sweden may actually have something special called the Fritt Fall.

If they are daring enough, rides can climb onto a pair of monkey bars to literally fall directly onto the slide for an extra rush of speed and adrenaline. 

Alfred Smith took video of the crazy ride which went viral last week, amassing over a quarter million views in just days. 


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May 182013

The water bowl prank is a classic online. In the prank, the prankster asks the would be victim for help as they hold a bowl of water to the ceiling. They have the volunteer hold the bowl with the end of a broom, and walk away. 

The prank victim quickly finds themselves stuck holding the bowl of water. If they ever move, the water will inevitable fall onto them. 

Well, Kane Foster has figured out how to escape from the prank.

When his buddy Tom had him hold a bowl of water on the ceiling, he delicately let go of the bowl so it fell perfectly straight down into his hands. Not a drop of water fell.

Then, he gave his buddy Tom of a good splash in the face as much deserved pay back for attempting the prank on him.  

Now, video of the prank backfire has gone viral!


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May 172013

How many love-themed reality TV shows have there been? There’s been the Bachelor and then the Bachelorette. How else could Hollywood spin the same idea to churn out a coupe extra bucks?

Jimmy Kimmel thinks he has the answer. Instead of handing over the million dollar idea, he’s decided to produce it himself. 

Presenting the first episode of The Baby Bachelor. Instantly, the cute clip has gone viral, appearing on HuffPost, YouTubeTrends, PleatedJeans, and Today


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