Apr 302013

Is it possible there are online viewer who haven’t seen Sophia Grace and Rosie pop up in their Facebook or Twitter feeds at least a couple times? The literal pop princesses from Britain got their start way back in October of 2011 performing an a cappella cover of Nicki Minaj‘s hit single Superbass

Incredibly, that original cover video has garnered over 41 million hits

Fans can finally relax as the dynamic duo are back, again going viral after appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

In their latest performance, Sophia and her silent partner Rosie rap an adorable princess parody cover of one of the hottest songs in pop today, Thrift Shop.

Thank goodness she only heard the clean version. She said, “This is pretty awesome,” by the way. 

Now, the new video has quickly amassed over a quarter million views, and continues to trend strong online. 


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Apr 302013

The web still isn’t over their love affair with HBO’s ultra popular fantasy franchise Game Of Thrones.

Just last week, the University Wisconsin-Madison was trending online when their bell tower covered the famous theme song from the popular cable series. That video has quickly garnered over half a million views

Now, Sydney University wants to get in on the action. Student FlavourWave was sitting outside the library when they recognized the tune being played from the carillon tower.

The video debuted over the weekend, and has already collected over 100,000 hits, appearing on Gizmodo, YouTubeTrends, and NineMSN.  


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Apr 302013

Marius B. demonstrates how Google has accidentally created abstract avatars for its mass of specific users that reflect their fears, emotions, goals, and preoccupations in this week old video Life through Google’s eyes

This becomes most apparent when using age as a class in the Google search bar. Marius simply searched, “I’m X years old and,” and let Google finish the query. He did this for the teenage years well into old age.

Obviously, teen pregnancy and older virginity are the most pertinent issues on people’s minds. Humans are obsessed with sex after all. 

Viewer Kyle King was touched by the powerful video, and renamed the it, “How to make an amazing video with $0.”


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Apr 302013

At the start of last weekend, the official PGA Tour YouTube channel published this video from the Zurich Classic golf competition. While players had their minds set on the green, they encountered something else very green on the golf course. 

A three legged alligator

“That’s a real hazard right there,” said one commentator. Now, the video has gone viral, amassing over 800,000 hits, and is further featured on YahooNews, SportsGrid, and UpRoxx


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Apr 302013

At the start of April, new channel on the block Awe Me Channel went viral with their 3D Tetris Stop Motion Chalk Art video, which currently stands with over 575,000 hits

But they are much better known for their popular Man At Arms series where master swordsmith and renowned propmaster, Tony Swatton, creates iconic weaponry from Hollywood.

Tony has already collected over a million views for his Adventure Time sword video, and another 750,000 hits forging the Game of Thrones sword.

Now, as the series continues, Tony has heeded the voices of his fans, and made a very real and functioning Captain America’s shield.


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