Feb 132013

A month ago, Suedenim0n posted this video, titled Ice Cylinder Maker, but it has only started to trend now. After working outside, he left the hose out overnight, which was inevitably filled with left over water. 

Interestingly enough, the next morning, all the water in the hose froze. After ‘cracking’ the hose a few times, he turned the water on to discover the hose shooting out a seemingly endless supply of ‘ice tubes.’ 

“Pity it won’t work in the summer eh!” For reals. Someone needs to make an ice tube machine for the summer. 


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Feb 132013

NSFW – language 

The trend of compiling popular online GIFs and adding appropriate and entertaining music continues on YouTube.

The latest to churn out a GIF-sound compilation is ZeroPeopleFoundThisHelpful who is going viral with this compilation for February of this year, which has already collected over 60,000 views


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Feb 132013

With the magic of YouTube, amateur artists now have access to countless helpful art tutorials at nearly any level that was once completely unobtainable. Most drawing tutorials follow the same formula, with a soft spoken tutor offering step by step instructions for nearly any picture. 

Twenty-four year old Oliver is an up and coming artist who also wants to help spread art across the web. So he’s just started his new art channel How To Draw Really Good.

In his debut episode, he shows how to draw Spiderman ‘really good.’

One thing’s for sure. The drawing is definitely on par with the juvenile ‘really good’ description. 


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Feb 132013

There’s nothing worse for an animal lover than returning home from a long day only to discover a heaping mound of steamy dog doo right in the middle of the living room floor.

But somehow, Rocco DiGiorgio found out there is still a worse situation yet than just finding your dog left a solid accident on the floor.

Like so many homes these days, he has an iRobot Roomba set on a timer to automatically clean the floor on set intervals. ‘Lucky’ for him, the dog pooed right before the Roomba ‘cleaned’ the floor.

What resulted was a floor seemingly painted with dog doo throughout the house, all thanks to a now poopy Roomba.

“I couldn’t be happier right now,” Rocco says to the camera in a sarcastic monotone. “I can’t even walk around the house. There’s crap. Every. Where. F. M. L.”


Though Rocco posted this video last April, it has only gone viral now.


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Feb 132013

In just two weeks, the Harlem Shake has literally taken YouTube by storm. By like all memes, the moment it goes mainstream is the moment it is no longer cool. Instantly, it becomes boring and annoying.

Thankfully, Freddie Wong teamed up with Node to make the last and very final version of the Harlem Shake dance to close the meme for good. 

Please Internet, just let this one go peacefully and gracefully. We don’t need another Call Me Maybe disaster on our hands here. 


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