May 082013

Drawing My Life continues to trend on YouTube. Many famous, top YouTubers have already taken part in the fad, including popular vlogger Jenna Marbles, goofy Shane Dawson, and top YouTube comedian Ryan Higga

The musical nerds at AVbyte went viral last week with a mock Draw My Life video for North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. That video stands with over one million views.

Now, they have returned with a second mock life drawing, this one by Harry Potter.  


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May 082013

Dodgers player Matt Kemp has gone viral, and it’s all because an unplanned act of kindness was caught on camera.

Joshua Jones is sick with cancer was at the last Dodgers-Giants game with his dad last Sunday. His dad started talking to third base coach Tim Wallach, telling him about his son who is sick but loves the Dodgers and Matt Kemp. 

That was all Tim and Matt needed to hear. At the end of the game, Tim gave Josh a ball, and Matt gave him his cap, jersey, and even his sneakers!

Now, video of the scene taken by Josh’s good friend Tommy Schultz has gone viral, amassing over half a million views in just two days. 

“He’s fighting a tough battle and this was such a great gift by Matt Kemp! I’ll never forget this,” says Tommy. 

The story is further featured on LATimes, YahooSports, and DeadSpin


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May 072013

Everyone expected it. After Charles Ramsey saved Amanda Berry and the other trapped girls he instantly became an American and Internet hero.

And all veteran users agreed of all TV interviews, this guy needs to be ‘songified’–as the Gregory Brothers put it. 

And that quickly, in just a matter of hours, Schmoyoho, famous for their Auto Tune The News bit, has published the song Dead Giveaway by auto tuning Charles in his awesome interview.  


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