Jul 302012

We’ve seen tiny apartments before, but Richard and Rachel’s school bus home is just out of this world! The couple bought the old school bus for only $3,000, and got straight to work making it their own mobile home. 

It’s still a work in progress, and that’s how they like to keep it, updating their home only as they need to or if they have the extra cash.

Now, the solar panel equipped, still driveable bus has evolved into a two story home with a full bathroom, kitchen, entertainment room, and plenty of beds for friends and family.

Nearly the entire home was hand built except for a few appliances and shelving. And obviously, the bus.

The video was published by Faircompanies.com; read more about their awesome bus-home here


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Jul 302012

Leave it to YouTube famous music producer  to somehow make Call Me Maybe fresh and new again.

He teamed up with Jessica JarrellJake Broido Music, and James Alan to perform a jaw dropping mash up of the over played Carly Rae Jespen hit single with Payphone by Maroon 5.

The resulting track is pure pop music heaven. 


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Jul 292012

Col. Rob Kiebler was away from his wife and five year old son for fourteen long months in Afghanistan. His son Danny is a huge fan of Star Wars to say the least, so mom and dad knew they what kind of themed surprise party to make for him in honor of dad’s return. 

With the help of family and friends, dad dressed up in Jedi robes and surprised Danny along with all the other famous Star Wars characters. 

May the Force stay strong with the Kieblers.

The touching video is featured on SeattlePiYahooNews, and TheDailyWhat, and has amassed over 80,000 views over the weekend. 


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Jul 292012

Jimmy Fallon has gone viral doing what he does best, impressions and music. He performed a near perfect rendition of The Doors’ timeless classic Reading Rainbow

The video was published a in 2011 on NBC, but was recently reposted on YouTube which has gone viral after being featured on Reddit

YouTuber VoLCoMzYaDiGG was so touched the performance he pronounced: “He sounds exactly like Jim, holy f****ng s**t.”


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Jul 272012
Mr. Bean At Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremonies

The Olympics are a serious time for serious athletes to… seriously compete. So inviting the extremely goofy Mr. Bean to be apart of the opening ceremonies may not be the best idea.

Of course, Mr. Bean was invited and it was for fun. Some real life comedy relief to cut some of the extreme tension. During the playing of Vangelis’ nearly obligatory Chariots of Fire, Bean appeared on camera as a part of the performance being very Mr. Bean-like.  


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