Feb 152013

By now, you, your cat, and your grandma have seen more than a life time supply of Harlem Shake dance videos. But there’s always a few creative stragglers at the end of the life of a meme that truly stick out from the crowd.

CBC set up in advance for countless New Yorkers to converge on Times Square at the same time for an ultimate flash mob Harlem Shake dance

It’s one of the craziest Harlem Shakes we at ViralViralVideos have seen. If you look closely, you can see a few NYPD officers even make a special appearance as they try to shut the event down. Good thing MarkT Films made sure to document the entire event


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Feb 142013

Jonathan Fielding took a birthday flight with his wife, which was coincidentally her first time flying, his mother in-law, and his baby son on a small propeller plane over beautiful Utah. 

Terrifyingly, they were informed by the pilot that the carburetor had iced over, and the propeller was out of commission. They would have to crash land. 

Being that this is 2013, Jonathon, of course, whipped out his cellphone camera to capture the drama. Even though the pilot was experienced with powerless landings in the field, the snow caused the plane to flip on landing. 

Thankfully, they all survived save for a few scratches and bruises, and now the cellphone footage has gone viralviral, amassing over a quarter million views in just a week. 


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Feb 142013

Back in the 60’s, CBS had an interesting show about the exciting future, The 21st Century, hosted by the famous TV personality of the time Walter Cronkite.

Matt Novak has gotten hold of a few vintage clips from the classic show, and posted this Walter Cronkite in the Home Office of 2001 video a month ago that now stands with over a quarter million hits

In the video, Cronkite tours the then futuristic home of the 21st century. Amazingly, many of the predictions from forty years ago, such as how home offices would be equipped with multiple screens that offer instant access to weather, stocks, news, entertainment, and more, have obviously come to fruition. 

The video is reminiscent of the AT&T commercials of the 90’s that also correctly prophesied our contemporary world.  

Read more on Smithsonian.


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Feb 142013

NSFW Warning – Language

The web’s most popular ongoing rap show, Epic Rap Battles of History, continues to trend online. In the newest episode of season 2, Eve, played by the one and only Jenna Marbles, competes in a rap showdown against her hubby Adam, played by EpicLlyod, over who truly is the gender supreme. 

No matter who wins, Adam is stuck on the couch tonight. 


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Feb 142013

Walt Disney Studios of the  UK has racked up over one million views after publishing the full official trailer for the new upcoming Pixar animated prequel Monsters University

The film tells the genesis of the friendship between Mike Wazowski, the one-eyed, pea-shaped monster voiced by Billy Crystal, and big bear monster Sulley voiced by John Goodman when they first meet at Monster college with the hopes of becoming ‘scarers.’


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