Apr 272013

Online personality Rémi Gaillard is famous for his outrageous pranks and antics, and is probably best known for his Mario Kart In Real Life video. That currently stands with over 19 million hits

Finally, after a three month hiatus, Remi has returned asking viewers to follow him on Twitter by following and annoying people in public while wearing a giant blue Twitter bird costume.

Already, the new video has garnered over 1.5 million views.


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Apr 272013

It seems the web has finally found a new pop song to obsess over. After covering and dancing to Thrift Shop by new kid on the block Macklemore countless times, fans are looking for a new piece. 

And they’ve got it with Can’t Hold Us, Mack’s second hit single. 

Professional dancer Guillaume Lorentz and his crew were in Japan last week, and have become some of the first to go viral covering the new song in an epic hip hop dance


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Apr 272013

British coffee company Sanremo just published this very unique commercial. In a big factory a crew of workers makes music while building one of their top notch machines

Of course, to keep it 2013, they had to add some Dubstep. And for the twist, the video ends just as it began. 


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Apr 272013

Canadian musician Michael Buble is on an apparent viral roll!

First, he just went viralviral in one day after debuting a special a cappella piece he recorded in the New York City subway. That video already has amassed over 1.2 million views, and continues to trend strong through the weekend. 

Now, he and Amy Poehler have just guest starred on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. They both had the lucky opportunity to also perform as apart of Jimmy’s ridiculous cover band that wears chicken costumes and only clucks for lyrics. 

Last time the Chickeneers covered the Lumineer’s hit single Hey Ho, and quickly collected over 1.5 million hits in a viralviral spree. 

This time, dubbed Cluck, Jimmy and his celebrity guest (and editor Chris Tartaro) cover Some Nights by Fun using only bwacks and clucks.

Late Night‘s official Youtube account couldn’t help commenting, “Some Nights will never be the same. CANNOT UNHEAR.”


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Apr 262013

Chris Weir is not your average Batman fan. Not only does he have over $100,000 worth of Dark Knight posters, memorabilia, and action figures, but he even  built his own Batcave in his suburban home basement. 

The best part? The Batcave can only be accessed through a hidden switch buried in a replica of the William Shakespeare bust famously found in Wayne Manor in the Batman movies.

Since Chris is married with kids, he doesn’t fight much crime, so he made his Batcave an epic home movie theater for viewing of Batman movies, TV shows, and cartoons. 


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