Apr 112013

The ‘dogs with human hands,’ or ‘people with dog heads’ trend–depending on how you look at it–continues online. Cameron Owens has joined in on the fun with a musical twist, having his two dogs Smoke and Mrs. Molly play a little bluegrass banjo duet together

Now, the two week old video has amassed over 225,000 views, and is featured on DailyOfTheDay, Collegehumor, IHaveSeenWholeInternet, and RightThisMinute


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Apr 102013

Musician Jack Conte has instantly gone viral this week with his brand new Daft Punk Skrillex Launchpad Remix.

Now, creating epic remixes with a launchpad is of course nothing new. So what makes Jack’s new piece so special?

He performed his live remix on a sideways TV. The visual results are simply glorious. Already, his unique music video has collected over 400,000 views, and is covered on HuffPost, CBSNews, and Devour


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Apr 102013

NSFW Warning – Content 

In less than a week, BlackBoxTV has garnered over 800,000 views with their terrifying Cab Ride Prank video. In the obviously staged clip, two women enter the backseat of a cab, and tell the cabbie their destination address. 

But after just a few minutes of driving, they quickly notice that something is wrong with their driver. He starts growling, barking, and mumbling to himself. 

“I don’t want to anymore!” he screams as he pulls his hair.

Naturally, the girls are more than irked. 

Finally, the cabbie stops the car, locks the doors, and turns around. Let the horror show begin.

Even though viewers can easily tell the scene is staged, they are still eating it up. 


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Apr 102013

It seems it was just yesterday the media and the world at large was obsessing over the stepping down of Pope Benedict and the installation of Pope Francis. 

Even though the pope storm has calmed, history obsessed educator CGPGrey has stepped forward to offer some explanation of the Vatican City.

As usual, it’s much more complicated than it originally seems. 


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