Sep 252012

Not wanting to miss out on such a famous event, many comedians and nerds quickly got to work making iPhone 5 parodies as soon as news about the latest popular Apple smartphone was released. 

Besides for some software and internal upgrades, the only external change is the phone is slightly longer. Now there is enough room for an extra line of apps on the screen. 

Picking up on the only visible change, comedy channel  thought, ‘why stop there?’ and made this Apple style commercial spoof that has amassed over four million hits in just one week since being published. It is also showcased on CNet, IGN, and MostWatched


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Sep 252012

The Internet famous Overly Attached Girlfriend teamed up with college YouTuber  for a collaborated video that has instantly gone viral.

After Jimmy mistakenly went out with Rina, he can’t seem to shake her off. She’s–naturally–overly attached after just one date!

Just as he’s telling his bro that he’s going to put an end to all the obsessing, he’s shocked to see Rina is already at his door. Hopefully, the breakup goes well. 


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Sep 252012

It’s every boy’s dream to kiss his celebrity crush, especially for that kiss to be his first. Twelve year old Chase is one of those boys. He has a huge Carrie Underwood and was actually in attendance at her Blown Away tour in Louisville, KY.

Finally having the chance to see his crush in the flesh, Chase made a sign that read, “Will you be my first kiss?”

Amazingly, Carrie saw the sign, and invited Chase on stage! With his dream just steps away, Chase wasn’t going to be satisfied with just a peck on the cheek.

When asked, “How are we gonna do this?” Chase immediately and confidently responded, “Lip to lip,” prompting cheers from the audience. Even though her husband was backstage, Carrie agreed to the kiss and made one lucky twelve year old’s year. 

 caught the whole scene on camera and now the video is quickly going viral. The story is even covered on CMT, TasteOfCountry, and NewsOK


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Sep 252012

On the Web, ‘MySpace’ has become the epitome of a bad and failing social network. Even those who once used what is considered as one of the first mainstream social networks almost try hide the fact. It’s embarrassing. 

For the past five years all the talk has been about Facebook, Twitter, and more recently Google+. But this entire time MySpace has been hiding on the side lines, working, thinking, and contemplating.

MySpace seemed to have lost it’s mission overtime and has been working to figure out what kind of service it was.

But with the help from big names like Justin Timberlake, the ‘loser’ network is fully refreshed and ready to jump back into the big leagues. 

 just published this new video showcasing their entirely new and refreshed user interface. It’s a whole new social network now focused on music and the music world.

So far, response has been positive and with Timberlake at the helm the new site just might be able to squeeze back into the spotlight. 

What do you think?


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Sep 242012

When the marketers at Dos Equis beer made their Most Interesting Man In The World ad campaign they probably didn’t think it would transform into a viral meme covered even by the Newyorker. It’s been a meme favorite for a while, and is still going stong

And now, its a musical, created by the musical masters .


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