Jun 012013

It was only a matter of time. After initially going viral covering Nicki Minaj, little Sophia Grace Brownlee has become an Internet staple, being invited onto The Ellen DeGeneres program countless times and starring in a slew of viral videos.

Now, the British princess has finally debuted her own official pop music video over the weekend that is quickly going viral, titled Girls Just Gotta Have Fun


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May 312013

Back in February, little baby Titus went viral in the web’s first ever toddler basketball trick shot video. Incredibly, the video published by dad Joseph Ashb has amassed over 11 million views since then. 

A few weeks after, Jimmy Kimmel got wind of little Titus and invited dad and the trick shot toddler on the show for a little basketball competition. 

Now, Joseph has just released a second iteration of his son scoring outrageous toddler-sized trick shots, and was even able to get Jimmy Kimmel and college basketball coach Gregg Marshall to make a cameo in the video. 

Already, little Titus has been featured on TheBlaze, Boston, Devour, and BigLead


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May 312013

Three weeks ago, eccentric YouTuber ZeFrank published the Sad Cat Diary. The video instantly went viral, and now stands with over 5 million hits

As anticipated, Frank has now returned with a Sad Diary iteration for man’s best friend. Who would have thought that dogs would be depressed about being neutered and not having a chance to sniff the mailman’s butt? 


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May 312013

Sir Patrick Stewart was recently at Comicpalooza 2013, and took part in a Q&A session.

Heather Skye took the opportunity to thank the man known so well online as Captain Picard for his speech at Amnesty International covering domestic violence and his work to stop violence against women.

She then segwayed and asked Stewart what was a proud accomplishment of his he would be willing to share besides for his acting career. 

He answered, “I think you have very beautifully linked the important things together,” continuing to say his most important life work is taking a stand against domestic violence which grew out of his own childhood experience. 

Now, video of Patrick Stewart’s emotional response has gone viral, amassing over a quarter million views in one day, and appearing CBC, UpWorthy, and GlobalNews


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May 312013

Eldad Hagar and Annie Hart of Hope For Paws and Bill Foundation.org is famous online for his animal rescue endeavors, and frequently posting emotional rescue videos. His latest rescue was of Bethany, a sick and homeless dog.

After being contacted by a worried animal lover, Annie and Eldad coaxed the sick dog into the car with the help of a cheeseburger to take her to the vet. Soon, with plenty of love and attention, Bethany would turn out just fine. 

She is still looking for a home, so please contact the Bill Foundation if interested.


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