Jun 112013

For their latest project, popular thriller/horror channel Black Box TV teamed up with prank obsessed Jesse and Jeana of the famous Boyfriend VS Girlfriend channel.

In The Night Tour, Jesse and Jeana take a night tour at the haunted prison of the old Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA that quickly turns from frightening to terrifying. 

The new short film has already amassed over a quarter million views.


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Jun 112013

America’s Got Talent is famous for featuring the crude, the crass, and the insane. This incredible levitating performance by meditation specialist Special Head definitely falls under the category of the insane. 

For nearly a minute, he simply croaks and moans on stage, aggravating the impatient audience, and even prompting Howard Stern to drop an ‘X.’

But just as it seemed his act was a complete failure, he impossibly jumped up, crossed his legs, and stayed levitating in the air using only his cane for support for a good 30 seconds.

The crowd instantly changed their attitude from boos to cheers. For the first time, Howard even took his ‘X’ back after Howey so eloquently reminded him, “I think Howard had a premature ‘X-ification.”

 Now, the crazy act has gone viral across the web. 


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Jun 112013

Nearly 90% of people are right-handed. But why is that? Hank Green of Sci Show explains that the answer could be evolution.

Only humans are so unevenly hand dominate, as even chimps don’t favor one hand over the other. That has left some scientist searching for a special ‘righty’ gene, but so far it hasn’t been found. 

The best hypothesis is that our brains are extremely asymmetrical, meaning the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body, and vice versa.

It only makes sense that the part of the brain where speech originates also controls the hand which language is created in physical form. 


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Jun 112013

Like countless others, Stuart Edge has jumped on the YouTube prankster bandwagon, regularly posting popular, and often viral, prank videos on his channel. 

But as other online pranksters have proven, you don’t always have to poke fun at people to spread smiles and go viral. 

Back in May, prankster group Whatever went viral after they gave $3,000 to a homeless man that starred in one of their popular videos.

Now that he has become somewhat YouTube famous, Stuart also wants to spread good cheer and help his community.

For his Money Magic Trick For The Homeless video, he performs a magic trick for needy people on the streets by making a one dollar bill magically turn into a one hundred dollar bill. 

For the cherry on top, he let the homeless people keep the hundred, even though the money he used in the trick was from his own personal savings. 


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Jun 112013

Back in February, Linda Whitaker published this touching video of her parents, but it has only exploded in popularity recently.

While sick in the hospital, her father asked to sing a song with the love of his life for the past 66 years. As the video begins he says to his wife, “Come closer up here, this is special to me.”

They then grasp each other’s hand, and begin to sing the cheerful timeless classic You Are My Sunshine

As they end the song and recite the lyrics, “You’ll never know dear how much I love you,” they peer into each other’s eyes, and their love for each other truly becomes palpable. 

After they finish, an off camera person says what over 250,000 viewers no doubt thought after watching the tender clip.

“Now I need a tissue.” 


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