Jun 122013

Leslie Mills published this hilarious home video of a scene from her husband’s family birthday party back in 2012, but it has only erupted in viral popularity now, garnering over 150,000 views in in one day. 

Being a fun loving wife, Leslie bought her husband a gag-gift toy airplane glider. Instead of simply flying straight ahead, the plane is weighted in the noise so it loops around.

Being ignorant of this fact, her husband launched the plane, and perfectly hit himself in the face on his first throw.


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Jun 122013

NSFW Warning language 

Have you ever met a girl who always seems to be in a bad mood? Most people often assume she’s being a catty snob, but really many girls are afflicted by BRF, or Bitchy Resting Face

Try as they might, their natural resting face just seems bitchy to the rest of us. “Soo bitchy!”

To help break the silence of those enduring this serious condition, sketch comedy group Broken People made this mock PSA that has gone viral.

The three week video has just erupted in popularity now, appearing on CollegeHumor, Stuff, and MostWatched


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Jun 122013

Breaking up with someone is always difficult, especially when you’ve just met. So for his latest prank, Gary of Overboard Humor decided to approach complete strangers and confess. It’s time to break up.

Most of the women simply laugh, while some of the sharper ones play along with his game.

“I’m gonna go cry myself to sleep,” admitted one woman. “Nice ‘knowing‘ you.” 

“Well, if you’d stop your drinking… you’d probably settle down more,” offered one ‘heartbroken’ grandma


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Jun 122013

Creatures much larger than anticipated interrupting people’s fishing exhibitions almost always results in an explosive viral video. A great example is the viral video of a Bald-Headed Eagle stealing a fish off a fishing line which stands with over four million views

Alaskan fisherman Charlie Barberini is now the newest sportsman to go viral after he and his friends were absolutely stunned to watch an enormous Killer Whale Orca appear and steal their catch at the last moment before reeling it in. 

Now, the new video that debuted over the weekend has gone viral, and is covered further on NPR, AlaskaLife, and ScienceRecorder


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Jun 112013

French musical group PV Nova took Daft Punk‘s latest hit single, Get Lucky, and added a sprinkle of history.

For each decade since 1900, they cover and recreate the popular techno song with the flavor of that particular time. The unique Evolution of Get Lucky cover song has just explode online, garnering over a quarter million hits, and 13,000 likes


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