May 262013

 The web is peppered with “nut-shot” videos. Ever since World’s Funniest Home Videos, viewers have been laughing at the terrible misfortune of men being hit directly in the crouch. 

But now the genre can finally rest. Freddie W has finally delivered The Ultimate Nutshot video to end to all nut-shot videos. 

“After far too many warnings, Superman decides to make the ultimate example out of a serial killer.”

Already, his new video has amassed over one million hits


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May 252013

The popular 90’s show Friends ended nearly a decade ago, but many fans still miss Rachel, Chandler, and the gang. One of those dedicated fans happens to be Ellen Degeneres who has the star power bring her favorite characters back to life. 

As Jennifer Aniston just recently guest starred on her show, Ellen used to influence to recruit Matthew Perry and even Courteney Cox to appear in this short sketch comedy skit which aired the same day. 

Already, the ‘Friends’ Reunion video has collected over 2 million hits


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May 252013

This cute animal video by Barcroft TV was posted yesterday, but has only gone viral now, amassing over a quarter million views.

The short and somewhat odd video features a juxtaposition fit for a children’s book. In the clip, a Dachshund licks and cleans the mouth of an enormous lion at The Garold Wayne Interactive Zoological Park.

The king of the jungle seems to enjoy his doggy dental appointment as he relaxes in the breeze and allows the pup to clean all the hard to reach areas. 


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May 252013

While going for a jog in California, Scott noticed Stella, a woman obviously from Oriental decent. Being a goof, Scott had to ask Stella what her heritage was in the most awkward and insensitive way.

“Where are you from? Your English is perfect,” he says. 

“San Diego. We speak English there.”

And he only digs himself deeper from there. 

Now, the hilarious sketch comedy video by Help Me Find Parents has gone viral over the weekend as a part of YouTube Comedy Week, and has already amassed over 350,000 hits


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May 252013

Dsblau and his wife are expecting another baby. At breakfast, dad asked his three year old what exciting event was happening in October. 

Adela’s answer couldn’t be more perfect. In just a few seconds she explains everything you need know about childbirth in complete honestly–all while enjoying a bowl of breakfast cereal.

Mom and dad decided the short video would be a “perfect way to announce our news to friends and family.”

Now, the web can’t get enough of the cute toddler, helping launch the video into the viral realm. 

MisterOjeteMoreno explains why we all love Adela so much. “The delivery was perfect: the dramatic pause, the overall tone, it’s just too damn hilarious!”


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