May 012013

Tinzer30 published this home video three months ago, but it has only gone viral now. The young couple took their toddler daughter on her first drive through zoo ride. Their little girl loved feeding the animals, especially the camel, so they took out their camera when they met the desert dwelling creature again. 

But after giving the big guy all their treats, the camel was apparently still hungry, and stuck its head into their car. It even nearly placed it’s entire mouth around their little girl’s head.

Thankfully, dad acted fast. “My husband tried to move quick and I think he did a pretty good job while I just screamed!” said mom after the incident. 

Now, the video, appropriately titled Bad Camel, has amassed over a quarter million views


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May 012013

 just published this new original short film, titled Omelette, and it has instantly gone viral. The short cartoon tells the story of a depressed single man and his “smarter than the average bear” dog who helps him make an omelette.  

The author admits that food is on her mind, as “My family’s lives practically revolve around cooking for each other, so it’s a theme that I’m deeply attached to.”


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May 012013

Nearly a year ago, adorable sisters Lennon and Maisy exploded online with their clapping cover of Call Your Girlfriend. Now, that original cover video stands with over 16 million views

Since then the dynamic duo have only grown more popular, amassing over 300,000 dedicated YouTube subscribers and over 35 million total video views

More recently, they have appeared on ABC’s hit TV show Nashville and covered The Lumineers’ hit single Ho Hey.

In this week old video, Lennon and Maisy perform the same cover at the Grand Ole Opry country music show. 


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May 012013
Everyone Looks Good Coming Out Of The Pool

The warm weather is finally here, and that means BBQs and pool parties. Brian and Nick held their first pool party of the season, and noticed something strange. 

Whenever someone emerged from the water, they looked super hot. At least for just a moment.

“For a second you were like CW hot.”

“Ya, I was coming out of the water. Everyone looks better that way.” 

Even Feefee the dog.

But what happens when everyone emerges from the pool at the same time? Nathan Fillion?


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Apr 302013

The most famous improv crew arguably in the world, ImprovEverywhere, has again struck in the heart of New York City with a hilarious prank. For their latest mission, they pretended the city made a new program of Seeing Eye People for New Yorkers to walk and text. 

Countless volunteers wearing orange vests and leashes took to the streets with a texter right behind them holding the leash and tapping away. 



BuzzFeed got in the gag actually approaching real people who were texting and walking and asking them if they need assistance. Most did not react pleased. 


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