Oct 092012

 published this report from Medford, Massachusetts. Leo Guarente runs a junk removal service (1800-717-JUNK), and is used to finding hidden treasures in the trash. 

But when he found over $2,000 in US Saving Bonds, worth nearly $114,000 today, in an envelope of an older woman’s thing, he knew he had to return the money to her family. The woman’s family members were obviously deeply grateful.

The viralviral video is featured on Inquisitr, VideoSift, and AndPop


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Oct 082012

 was one of the original vloggers to ever hit the front page of YouTube. After become Internet famous, he and his dad–who has become almost more popular than Kevin–were even on the Amazing Race

Kevin often publishes popular hits, but his latest video, which includes popular Knicks rookie Jeremy Lin, has instantly gone viralviral. Papa Jumba may like Jeremy a little more than Kevin. Just a little more. 

The new video already has over 900,000 views, and is further covered on YouTubeTrends, NowMSN, and YardBarker


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Oct 082012

Try as they might to make the ‘first world problems’ Internet meme a serious issue, viewers still love to laugh at the ironic ‘problems.’

The latest to take on this ‘serious concern’ is YouTube’s number one channel, Ryan Higa. His parody of a serious disease PSA focused on FWP, or First World Problems–such as being too cold because the AC is set too low–has instantly gone viralviral.  


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Oct 082012

We all know that the future is an exciting time when technology will complete our lives, and all living beings will live in utopian peace. Or, perhaps it will be a dark, scary time when the powerful one world government run by robots enslaves humanity after the sun is destroyed. 

According to Hollywood science fiction, it can really go either way. 

For his latest project, remix artist  dove into ‘the future’ as painted by countless sci-fi movies, and just published this nerd-tastic remix that is already starting to trend. 

The video is even featured on TheVerge, CBSNews, and Devour


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