Jun 102013

For his latest project, popular music producer Kurt Hugo Schneider teamed up with a slew of popular YouTube musicians, including Alex Goot, Sam Tsui, Chrissy, and King The Kid Cover.

Together, they perform one of the hottest songs on the web these days, ‘22,’ by Taylor Swift, and have already scooped up over 300,000 views

The cover is available on iTunes, and whole crew is actually touring and performing together this summer for those interested. 


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Jun 102013

The web loves a good justice video, and they have seemingly found a new case over the weekend. Leam MC posted this video over the weekend of a middle age man catching two teens spraying graffiti on the public train apparently in the Australia. 

The kids are instantly ashamed and try to run, but the man catches one of the arm and claims “the cops are coming.”

Now, the video has been seen over half a million times with countless copies of the video being uploaded as well.


(UK changed to Australia, thanks fans!)

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Jun 102013

There are few songs in the world that can bring together tens of thousands of people. One of those rare songs is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

This was evident at the Green Day concert ten days ago at Emirates Stadium in London. 

Camerawoman and concert attendee Georgie Gwyther says that while the crowd was waiting for Green Day to appear Bohemian Rhapsody started to play on the sound system.

Soon it seemed the entire stadium was singing the world famous rock song together, and now her video is going viral. 


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Jun 102013

Viewers were last aghast by the video that went viral in January featuring the woman with the biggest hips in the world. That video now stands with over 3.5 million views

Barcroft TV has returned with another hip-focused video, only showcasing the opposite this time.

They feature German woman Michele Koebke who has shrunken her small waist from 64 cm to just 40 cm. To achieve such a feat, she has worn an progressively smaller corset for three long years.  

But she still has some ways to go to have the world’s smallest waist, as that title belongs to American Cathie Jung who has a waist of just a mere 38 cm.


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