Jun 252013

NSFW Warning – Language, Content

 Thug Notes is a brand new YouTube channel parodying the popular Spark Notes summaries every high school students uses to aid their book reporting. 

As their name suggests, they put a ‘thug’ twist on the concept. 

Their first two videos, offering the Thug Notes on the classic English novels Crime And Punishment and The Great Gatsby, went nearly unnoticed after their debut, standing with only 90,000 views combined today. 

But their latest episode, where Sparky Sweets offers a summary of the classic book To Kill A Mockingbird, has exploded online just this week.

Already, the parody video has amassed over a quarter million views, and is featured on  TheDailyWhat, TheFW, DailyOfTheDay, and TheAwesomer


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Jun 252013

One of the most iconic scenes from the popular dino-movie Jurassic Park is when the heroes speed away in their Jeep from a stampeding T-Rex, often looking back at the approach monster in fear.

Henk Roos experienced a similar situation in real life first hand! He says that after his wedding, he and his new wife went on a game drive in South Africa and a very hormonal giraffe started chasing them. 

He quickly took out his camera to record the tall giraffe chasing after them just like in the movies. 

“You can see how he gets closer and closer after every turn,” he says.

Thankfully, once the giant got took close, the ranger simply banged on his Jeep to frighten it away. 

Though the video was published a month ago, it has only gone viral now, appearing on LaughingSquid, SayOMGHuffPost, and Mirror


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Jun 252013

That Juggler Guy traveled around the beautiful countryside of Iceland taking GoPro footage of him juggling yellow balls from his own perspective. 

After the trip, he sewed a slew of clips from his adventures into this artsy juggling video, titled Juggling Around Iceland, that is now trending after appearing on Reddit

The music is Nýfallið Regn by Ásgeir Trausti.


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Jun 252013

These days, if a young musician or singer wants to follow their dreams and become a rock star, they usually go to a Got Talent show, such as American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent, or The Voice

But back in the day, musicians just became famous the old fashion way. For performing music that spoke to the people. 

As an interesting and fun experiment, Failuresville edited old footage of John Lennon performing his timeless classic Imagine on stage of The Voice. 

Naturally, the judges think Lenon was a little over the top and none of them choose to hit their red button. 


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Jun 252013

Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory has recently switched parties from the Democrat party to the Republican party. Whenever a politician changes positions, they are often slammed with criticism on both sides of the aisle. 

But before his opponents had the chance to attack, Guillory made this video explaining Why I Am a Republican.

In the viral video, the Senator of Louisiana claims that for too long the black community has voted overwhelmingly for the Democratic party. But he points out that black communities are no better than they were many years ago. 

Now, Elbert’s only video, which he posted ten days ago, stands with over 650,000 views.


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