Jun 182013

Last year, PolyglotPal published a video featuring their youngest hyper-polyglot, or person who can speak multiple languages. In the viral video, Tim Doner demonstrates speaking over 20 languages. No small feat. Now, that video stands with over 1.4 million views

Over a year later, prodigy-obsessed THNKR approached Tim to make their next episode about him. Naturally, he agreed, and now his new Teen Speaks 20 Languages video is going viral as well. 


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Jun 172013

For their latest improv-social experiment, the talented and popular improv crew of Improv Everywhere turned a regular bar in Brooklyn into a timewarp to the 1860’s. 

With the help of the BBC America series Copper, the bar decor, bartender, patrons and more were transformed to look and act like it was the year 1865.

Then they invited unsuspecting friends to unknowingly go back in time. Naturally, the first thing they do is take out their smartphones to record. 


Also, walking into a bar full of people dressed and acting like it is the 1860’s happens all the time in Williamsberg. 


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Jun 172013

Since the first ever telemarketer phone call, comedians and pranksters have been giving them a taste of their own medicine at every opportunity. 

And for good reason. They always seem to call during dinner and make it seem like they are doing you the favor. 

Well, a terribly unlucky telemarketer called popular YouTube prankster Jack Vale, and he absolutely let them have it.

Every time the telemarketer attempts to sell Jack, or Roseland as he said his name was, anything, he quickly interrupts them with questions concerning the purpose of the phone call. 

As the telemarketer tries over and over to tell him the purpose of their call, quickly becoming more impatient, he insistently interrupts them asking what their business is until they literally go crazy. 

The secret is that telemarketers often get in trouble for hanging up on a potential customer. Knowing this, Jack tortures his victims to no end. 

“You keep interrupting me. You are not hanging up. That’s what pisses me off.” screams the angry telemarketer after being played with for seventeen minutes too long. 


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Jun 172013

The online fad has grown so popular, even The Man of Steel is taking part of a Draw My Life video. Like all the other before him, ‘Superman’ tells the story of his life using stop motion drawings to aide in the conveying of his fable. 

For a twist, musical-obsessed AVbyte not only made this Superman Draw My Life video, but also had The Defender of Earth sing his life story. 


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Jun 172013

NSFW Warning – Language

Fighting video games sure have evolved from their hey day back in the 90’s.

Back then, gamers had just a few choices, basically choosing between Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Sure there were countless iterations and variations of the popular games, but they always stood true to their origins. 

Now, fighting games have evolved to the point where a simple fire ball just doesn’t cut it anymore. Overly complex super-ultra-mega-special moves are now the standard.

To poke fun at this trend in gaming, nerdy nostalgia-obsessed animation channel Animation Domination High-Def, or ADHD, made this hilarious parody video, STREET FIGHTER: LONGEST SPECIAL MOVE

 Man these super special moves take forever these days…


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