Oct 152012

Terrifyingly, it seems the “post an emotional note card video before committing suicide as a result of bullying” trend is continuing. 

Amanda Todd was a normal, bright and bubbly fifteen year old Canadian girl who enjoyed meeting new people online. Sadly, using bad judgement, she shared a revealing photo of herself with one of her new online ‘friends’. That was the beginning of the end.

The person spread her revealing photo across the web, and soon her entire school was harassing and bullying her. When the bullying continued even after changing schools, Amanda couldn’t take it any more.

On October 10, 2012, Amanda posted this powerful and chillling note card video before committing suicide.

The sad story is featured on VancouverSun, Examiner, and NationalPost


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Oct 142012

With the help of his hyper-viralviral music video, Gangnam Style, South Korean pop prince PSY has been placed into the international spot light. Now that the novelty of his first hit single has worn off, fans have been searching for another serving of KPop mania. 

And it seems PSY’s older song from 2010, Right Now, is what fans have been looking for. The not-so-popular song has recently rocketed into yet another viral music video for PSY, garnering over seven million hits in the past two months.


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Oct 142012

Craig Horlbeck is just your average San Diego State University student who played a little ball in high school. He never would have guessed that his hobby would help him win his own brand new Toyota Tacoma.

Last Friday, Craig signed up for a Toyota contest to “Shoot for a Car” at Viejas Arena for Aztec Night. Amazingly, he was chosen at random for a single half court shot to win the truck. Even more incredibly, he made the shot and won the brand new truck!



Further video after the shot:


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Oct 142012

This older video from 2009 has just surged in popularity on Sunday. With help from Ben BizunehJosh Cocks offers a very helpful and insightful tour of Indiana University’s central campus in Bloomington that has viewers laughing at his humorous point of view and comedic style. 


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Oct 142012

With the presidential election coming closer everyday, radio, TV, and YouTube have been simply covered with political ads and messages. That trend will only grow until the big day. 

So what makes this latest viralviral political ad–that already has over a quarter million views–different? It’s completely paid for by just one person. Thomas Peterffy.

He was born in socialist Hungary and saw how the nation only became poorer and poorer. 

He dreamed of moving to free America and when he was old enough he finally did. He was motivated to achieve the American dream, to succeed, and did; he is now a billionaire

But recently he sees that the country is going in the same direction he recognizes from his childhood. To fight this progression, he literally put his money where your mouth is and published this commercial to spread his anti-socialism message. CNN reports the bill is around $5-10 million.

Read more on FoxNews, Breitbart, and CTPost


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