Jun 192013
The LEGO Movie Trailer

It seems nearly every recognizable franchise is getting the Hollywood treatment these days. And that’s not necessarily a good thing. We’re looking at you Battleship and Transformers

But there seems to be hope up ahead. Warner Bros Pictures has collaborated with LEGO to publish the first ever full feature LEGO film. The trailer for The LEGO Movie has instantly caught viral fever, spreading across the web. With Morgan Freeman voicing the Wizard, how could it not?

What self respecting web user didn’t, or better, doesn’t still, play with LEGO? Sadly, fans will have to wait until next year to see the yellow block action in theaters. 


Bonus points for Ben. 

Official trailer:


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Jun 182013

This segment of MSNBC’s Morning Joe show featuring British comedian Russell Brand has gone viral.

In the video, Russell throws the hosts off their game for the entire show, distracting them and constantly dropping TV-inappropriate remarks.

He truly walks the line. 

Then, after getting in his plug for his new tour Messiah Complex, and after confusing and nearly stupefying the hosts, Russell drops some serious truth.

By the end, Russell has the control of the entire show.


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Jun 182013

Scottie Stone just gave his son Jackson a bath and decided to make a quick vlog while drying him. Instead of playing peek-a-boo with the camera as intended, the cute kid laid a nice “number two” on dad’s lap.

Jax can’t speak just yet, but his actions scream, “Happy late Father’s Day!” 

“Ohh, son,” Scott says to his boy. “Did you just poop on my leg?”

Don’t worry. Scott insist the hilarious video is “safe for work and not gross,” and we agree. 


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Jun 182013

https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/scott-bradlee/id329095174Scott Bradlee and Post Modern Jukebox have made a name for themselves online, turning pop songs into something completely new by covering them in a unique and often obscure music genre.

They last covered PSY’s new hit single Gentleman with a 1920’s twist and quickly garnered over 650,000 views.

This time, they cover Daft Punk’s latest hit sensation Get Lucky from an Irish Folk song perspective


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Jun 182013

Now that they have over 2.1 million dedicated fans, the popular slow motion specialists The Slowmo Guys have been approached for a corporate sponsorship.

And what better product to endorse to your viewers than the new quasi-diet Dr. Pepper 10 soft drink? So to promote the delicious beverage, the dynamic duo fired a crossbow at a line of Dr. Pepper 10 bottles, and captured the results on super slow motion camera.

You know, just to see what would happen. For science. 

Already, the new video has garnered over a quarter million views


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