Jun 132012

One hit wonder pop songs are tons of fun, but there comes a time for even the most devoted fan that the song gets old. Luckily, right when you were just getting annoyed with Carly Rae Jepsen‘s hit single Call Me Maybe,  created this truly beautiful mashup with Semi-Charmed Life by 90′s rock band Third Eye Blind that is pure magic. 


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Jun 132012

There’s such a large amount of pure win content emanating from Russia, Red Hot Russia started collecting it all in one place. 

Their latest video is a doozy that would never play out the same in The States. A concerned citizen pulled up next to a Russian police car, and after noticing the officers weren’t wearing seat belts, and that the driver was on the phone, he berated them for breaking the law. 

Amazingly, the officers bashfully put on their safety belts, and turned off the phone. The video title speaks for itself: In Russia, Police Obeys You.

 Again, don’t try this at home. 


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Jun 122012

There are plenty of commencement speeches given by politicians, comedians, and celebrities, but what about the Internet? You know YouTube has reached the big leagues when famous YouTubers are asked to give a commencement speech. 

And no YouTubers are more worthy of being the first to speak at graduation than comedy musicians . The dynamic duo were invited to speak at the 2012 graduation of their former high school, Harnett Central, located in Angier, North Carolina.

Naturally, they snuck in one of their songs. 


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