Jun 032014
Nine Year Old Prodigy Adrian Romoff Plays Piano On America’s Got Talent

Adrian Romoff is only nine years old, but he is already starting high school! The child prodigy is also an incredible piano player. He impressed the America’s Got Talent audience and judges with his mature skills, and of course advanced to the next round on the famous talent show.  


  • JamessemaJ1220

    He really is amazing, a genius and quite the musical prodigy.

    I personally did not like the Rimsky-Korsakov, it sounded like a convoluted mess and the challenge of that work is to clearly hear every single note during the presto rage and on that keyboard it just sounded like a blended nightmare that would awaken Nicolai himself, screaming from his grave.

    That said, his playing of the Chopin was spectacular, not sure the great master could have played it any better himself.

    I hope this kid is given the chance to play a full work, say like Feux D’artifice by Debussy and is allowed to play a REAL piano not a Boy Band toy.