Dec 302012

Across America, snow plows are pushing walls of snow out of the streets, and dumping salt and sand across the highways. But in Canada, it’s a different story.

Just recently, Montreal was hit with so much snow, they had to commission construction-grade snow blowers to shoot the mounds of fluffy white stuff into truck beds that were lined up one after another. 

As the video by Nanioushka is so appropriately titled, O CanadaThe video has instantly gone viral after being featured on Reddit


  • Your comment “having to commission construction grade equipment” is wrong since it alludes to the fact that its something that has never happened. Snow removal trucks and crew are part and have been part of Montreal winters for over 30 years. Yes last week’s snowstorm was one for the record books but nothing the city can’t handle, most of it will be gone in just a few days.