Jun 262012

Bears are naturally curious and intelligent creatures as is evident from this video. A curious baby bear managed to sneak into some lucky person‘s garage, and climb up the garage door mechanism.

Just like their dog cousins, the mama and baby bears bark to each other between the garage door in some form of natural Marco-Polo. Once mom was sure where her cub was, she amazingly opened the overhead door, and waited for her cub to climb down.

You can imagine what mama is yelling in bear-speak. “How many times have I told you not to play near the humans? They’re dangerous! And remember, never get in between a human mother and her babies.”


  • jack hawkins

    OMG! That is the funnest thing I have ever seen. Poor bear cub!


  • jeanblake80

    Woah! No way! That is soo funny. And entertaining. I can’t believe that just happened.
    Jean | http://www.generaldoor.com